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Strengthening Infrastructure: In-buildin...
Driven by consolidation in the operators’ space and changing market dynamics, the telecom tower industry is undergoing a transition.
Safety Net: Need for a stringent legal f...
India’s attempts to transform into a digital economy have brought data privacy and security issues into the limelight. The increasing instances of cyberattacks and ransomware attacks being reported today are proof of the fragile cybersecurity framework in the country.
Security First: BFSI industry leverages ...
The banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry has been among the first to leverage information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to digitise operations and streamline processes.
Leveraging ICT: ITeS/BPM enterprises tak...
The information technology-enabled services/business process management (ITeS/BPM) industry has been leveraging information and communication technology (ICT) solutions such as video-conferencing and cloud to enhance business efficiency.
A Maturing Ecosystem: Strong outlook for...
The 4G segment in India has evolved significantly over the past two years. While improved availability of affordable 4G smartphones and plummeting data tariffs have helped in driving 4G service uptake, increasing competition among operators has played a key role…
Plugging the Gaps: Need for a policy and...
Several policy and regulatory issues have been plaguing the telecom sector and impeding growth. These include complicated licence requirements, multi-tiered approval processes, and high taxes and levies.
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